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The Institute of Special Pedagogy under the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (NAPSU) is one of the leading research institutions within the Academy that defines the strategic directions for the development of special pedagogy and psychology, conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of education for children with special needs.

The Institute of Special Pedagogy was founded in 1993.


Its academic structure is formed by 8 research laboratories that specialize in education of and support for children with certain type of special needs, i.e. education of children with intellectual disabilities, speech and language therapy, education of blind children and children with visual impairments, sign language, intensive pedagogical intervention, education of children with autism, and the inclusive education laboratory.


The ISP covers a broad scope of theoretical and practical issues:

  • Development of research-based theoretical principles for education of children with special needs.
  • Design of the State Education Standards and the relevant curriculum materials.
  • Development and implementation of innovative approaches and models for providing educational interventions for children with special needs.
  • Updating the content of education following the State Standards.
  • Integrating research findings into the practice of education for children with special needs.
  • Contributions to the process of drafting policy documents for the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine regarding education of children with special needs.
  • Training academic staff at post-graduate and doctoral courses.
  • Input in professional development courses in the area of special education.
  • Mentoring and advice for researchers, practitioners, and parents of children with special needs.
  • Summarizing Ukrainian and international best practices regarding educational provision for children with special needs.
  • Promoting knowledge about the specific aspects in the education and development of children with special needs.
Cooperation with national and foreign research centres, education institutions, NGOs; participation in international educational projects.
As its priority objective, the Institute focuses on urgent issues regarding the implementation of inclusive education for children with special needs and provides methodological support for schools and new types of establishments that offer a diverse range of services to children special needs and their families.

The most significant scientific achievements of the ISP include the theoretical and methodological principles for designing curricula and teaching and learning materials for children with special needs; the updated content of special education and the related new State Standard; strategic components of inclusive education determined and organizational and methodological approaches identified to implement this model in Ukraine; the relevant research guidelines and teaching and learning materials designed; research evidence provided to support bilingual instruction for people with hearing impairments, linguistic and theoretical foundations developed for the Ukrainian sign language; the core directions determined for providing psychological support for children with special needs; intervention and rehabilitation models developed for use with children with autistic syndrome, intellectual, sensory and combined disabilities; computer-based educational and developmental strategies designed for children with special needs.

The findings from theoretical and experimental research have been used as a basis for writing concept papers, monographs, methodological guides, collections of research papers, syllabi, and training materials. On the whole, over 5 000 scholarly works were published since 1993 when the Institute was founded. The research papers and teaching and learning materials were disseminated to and are used at 1 500 education establishments across Ukraine.

The Institute has twenty educational sites to conduct experimental research in pedagogy. Its fellows are permanent members of the Psychological, Medical and Pedagogical Board of Experts, the Council for the Coordination of Research in Pedagogy and Psychology at the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the Academic and Methodological Council at the Ministry of Education, and others.


The Institute offers postgraduate and doctorate programs. Its specialized Academic Board is empowered to receive and hear the defense of PhD and doctoral theses in special needs education (13.00.03) and special psychology (19.00.08). 

  During the existence of the ISP, 160 PhD and doctoral theses were defended.  

The Institute launched the journal Exceptional Child: Teaching and Learning and the collection of research papers Education of Persons with Special Needs: Development Prospects. Both were approved by the Higher Attestation Commission as professional academic publications for pedagogical and psychological sciences.


The Institute established several collections of research papers in different areas of special pedagogy (in Ukrainian):

Sign Language Today;

Theory and Practice in Education for Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Special Psychology;

Ukrainian Digest on Speech and Language Therapy;

Children with Sensory Disorders: Education and Development; and

the research e-journal Special Pedagogy and Psychology (


The Institute has the necessary academic and creative capacity to tackle important tasks in the field of special pedagogy and special psychology taking into account the current theory and practice. Its staff includes 58 research fellows, among them 8 holding doctoral degrees and 30 with PhD degrees.

  The Institute of Special Pedagogy of the NAPSU invites partnerships with agencies and organizations to conduct collaborative research, initiate international projects in special pedagogy and special psychology, and develop innovative approaches and models of special needs education.  



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